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Learn more about our pay-by-phone system

Carnegie Pay-by-Phone

Convenient, after-hours policy access is a must have for our busy customers. Carnegie’s new automated pay-by-phone system provides a quick and easy payment option for our on-the-go customers.

Carnegie Photo Manager

We are proud to introduce our new Photo Manager! This new feature will allow an easier, more streamlined method for submitting vehicle photos from either insured or producer devices.

CGIA Photo Manager on Phone


Carnegie Consumer Web Portal

Carnegie’s “My Policy” feature on our website allows policyholders who create an online profile to view policy status, documents and notices, and payment options.

AMIG Motorcycle

As an appointed producer with Carnegie, we provide you direct access to AMIG’s point of sale portal, AMSuite. Learn about the motorcycle program and how Carnegie makes it easy to take advantage of this great program.

motorcycle cruiser



Learn about the eSignature process we provide to all of our producers. This feature eliminates the need to print and sign application pages and automatically emails a copy of the completed application to Carnegie, your customer, and your agency.

EFT and Retention

Of the many retention strategies mentioned in industry articles, enrolling customers in recurring electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment plans is consistently listed as a key objective. An insured’s participation in an EFT payment plan is a strong indication of their commitment to maintain the policy and Carnegie.

Set up recurring payments on a card

Vehicle Registration

Vehicle Registration

We understand there are many difficulties when placing a risk and dealing with vehicle registrations. At Carnegie, we try to make it easy as possible. Enclosed are some frequently asked questions about Carnegie’s underwriting procedure.